Non-Profit Mailing

Special Reduced Rates
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Basic Guidelines

Company name and address must be on the piece. Non-Profit must show in the permit imprint/stamp/meter. Click link for specific guidelines on content: USPS Non-Profit Mail Guidelines

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Who Qualifies

Review guidelines for qualification to be a Non-Profit mailer. To see if you qualify click link to USPS Non-Profit Mail Qualifications



Click to use the Mail Non-Profit Calculator to see what your annual savings could be. Mail as low as $.083 per piece in postage. Sorted & prepared the same as USPS marketing mail. Must be approved with the USPS to mail Non-Profit (not just with the state).


Ease, convenience & saving money! Works just like regular USPS marketing mail but with discounted postage. Also known as Bulk/Standard mail. Great way to send correspondents to members or solicit donations. Postage as low as $.083 making it a great marketing option.

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